A sled deck is an alternative method of hauling recreational equipment on your own. While some people simply tow equipment like snowmobiles and ATVs, setting up a towing system and trailer has its drawbacks. Sled decks, by contrast, are secure and stable during transport, and many people also find them easier to navigate while on the road. However, it does require some time and effort to mount a sled deck on your truck. Here are the three critical things you will need to complete the process successfully.

Start By Installing Turnbuckles On Your Truck

One of the first things you need for your sled deck is a turnbuckle. Turnbuckles are important for sled decks because they secure your cargo to the deck. Moreover, this method of securing cargo is very easy. Once the turnbuckle is installed, you can mount things on your sled deck through an advanced locking feature that does not require tools. This makes it easy to adjust your sled deck. Choose a turnbuckle that has a large capacity, and you will also want one that is easy to lock and release.

You Will Also Need To Mount Your Sled Deck With Tie-Downs

After you install turnbuckles, you will want tie-downs for your sled decks as well. Tie-downs are specially designed to mount to the frame of your truck. By doing this, tie-downs provide higher rates of stability overall. This means that the equipment you are hauling is less likely to move around or cause problems during transit. This is incredibly important for your safety during hauling. When looking for the right tie-down, you will want one that is specifically designed for your vehicle. The fit is important in order to prevent damage to the bed or bumper of your truck.

Sled Decks

Finish By Making Sure Your Truck Has Rear Suspension

The last thing you need to make sure your sled deck is safe and functional is added rear suspension. A sled deck adds a lot of weight to your vehicle, and that weight is shifted to the back. Even when the load is within the manufacturer’s guidelines, the weight can still lead to diminished handling. You can offset this problem by simply adding rear suspension to your vehicle. Added rear suspension effectively can prevent swaying, porpoising and body rolls while you drive with your sled deck.

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